Finding home...

She has been described as a free spirit.  Most will say her voice sounds like angels dancing.  Her musical journey started in New Zealand as a young girl but life had other plans. Despite the many trials she has faced along the way, Shelley Mac is finally home.

Just Shelley Mac 

Shelley Mac is back!  To kick off her new music, Mac is releasing not one but two new tracks.  Music videos are in the works so watch this space!!

Broods world domination! 

Shelley Mac and rocker husband, Rod Williams, managed to catch up with Georgia and Caleb of New Zealand's leading synth/pop act, Broods, before their 2014 ACL stage debut.  They may have been new to the festival but once they hit their stride, the crowd was totally mesmerised.   The Broods returned to Austin a couple of month's later, again catching up with Mac and Williams before playing to a sold out crowd at Emo's.  You know when the music is starting to really reach the masses when everyone is singing along with you word for word!  If they're not already, Broods should be on your radar!!  

  • Rehearsal space ready? Check!!
    Rehearsal space ready? Check!!
  • Love of my life
    Love of my life
  • This picture never gets old...
    This picture never gets old...


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